Learn to Fly with Stephen

Private Pilot License

sparrowhawkEarn your PPL working with Stephen to acheive your personal goals. If you have your own airplane, he can teach you in that airplane, or identify airplanes that you can fly. Talk to Stephen to find out how to gain access to airplanes to learn to fly in, he will have the latest info about local resources. He also instructs part time at H&R Aviation in La Porte.  During the Private Pilot course, Stephen will track your progress, and you will be alerted to your progress at every step. You will be taught under FAR Part 61, the FAA regulations for private instruction. Stephen has broken down the tasks into goals and objectives to aid your personal success. Learning to fly is a big challenge, and you will need an instructor focused on helping you succeed. 

Instrument Rating

Calling all Private Pilots! The Instrument Rating will widen your opportunites to fly by allowing you to fly into the clouds. It also provides an avenue for you to be a much safer pilot. Take your piloting skills to the next level, and give yourself more options when it comes to cross country flying. With an Instrument Rating, you can file IFR and fly through and above the cloud layer, with proper clearance. If you take a trip and the weather starts to deteriorate, then the Instrument will allow you more options. Keep in mind that the IR is not a license to fly into very bad weather or thunderstorms- Stephen will instruct you on the opportunities, restrictions, and judgement that go with safe instrument flying. This is a Part 61 course.

Commercial Rating

You may have a desire to become a career pilot, and Stephen can help prepare you for launching into this rewarding industry. This course will cover  commercial maneuvers, commercial operations and regulations. You will also be instructed to fly complex and high performance aircraft, and to fly to commercial standards. This is a Part 61 course.

Certified Flight Instructor

So you think you would like to do what Stephen does? You have been sharing the joy of flying with family and friends, and you enjoy explaning things to people- have you thought about teaching people to fly? This rating will allow you to do just that. Being an instructor is about more than just being an expert in all facets of aviation- yes, being an excellent subject matter expert is a good start, but being an instructor goes beyond that. Way beyond. Stephen can guide you through the process and help you become someone who can help others learn to fly. It is not for everyone, but rewarding for those who can do it well. Has it crossed your mind? Let's talk about it.